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Atmos Head of Product Hirofumi Kojima Talks New Balance 1906R “Tokyo Dimension” Collaboration

Although atmosphere Historically associated for its footwear collaborations with other brands, it has partnered with new Balance A handful of times in the last two years.Recently, the Japanese Institute unveiled the latest chapter in its growing relationship with the North American company: the New Balance 1906R “Tokyo Dimensions.”

,[T]He started the design with the use of all gray tones [found] around Tokyo,” Hirofumi “Koji” Kojima, head of product for Atmos, told Sneaker News via email.[Tokyo’s buildings] Expressed using colors and materials.The purple color used is inspired by the reflections of street lights in the windows.

opposite of this, 2002R “Shibuya Rat” The launch on May 28 includes a lighter color palette that ends in a vibrant blue.Both of Cozy’s latest two projects with New Balance, however, occupy their home base in sneaker form, as have many other efforts before.Still, Creative tackles each collaboration with a clean canvas.

“We don’t mention much of our previous work, but we have used popular specs from previous SMUs” [Special Make Ups], like the Safari pattern and splash on the middle console.We try to use new ideas to create futuristic atmospheric styles while incorporating nostalgic elements,” said Kozzi.

Koji’s ability to combine heritage DNA with modern design is on par with New Balance’s current lineup of products, which includes the 1982 Running Shoe and the 2082 Lifestyle Sneakers.How savvy consumers of the Boston-based brand are able to see the similarities.Between 990 and 90/60, longtime fans of Atmos’s work will witness the dialogue between past and present on the 1906R “Tokyo Dimension”.The all-over patterns in the upper and middle consoles call back to a game-changing collaboration Koji worked on for another North American institution in 2002, while the “N” logo reflected on the profile represents the Tokyo Tower and the rest of the city’s skyline. For.

The Japanese creative director didn’t specify what’s next for the Far East Asian boutique, but shared his excitement about some of New Balance’s other partners: “I think the product [Aimé] Leon Dorr and Joe Freshgoods The produce is really great.I am very interested in what they will create in the future as well.” He also mentioned the importance of Salehe BemburiWork with century old company.

Enjoy the pair’s campaign imagery and product shots, and watch the shoes drop exclusively at Atmos Outpost in Asia on Friday, September 23, for 17,600 (about $123 USD).

For more “N”-branded footwear, see new balance 990v6 It is expected to debut before the end of 2022.