Nike Converse Officially Introduces The Run Star Legacy CX

Converse Officially Introduces The Run Star Legacy CX

During Convere’s brief collaboration with designer JW Anderson, the duo produced the Run Star Hike, which has since become a seasonal staple for the footwear business. Its popularity has spawned multiple sequels, including the recently released Run Star Legacy CX.

Similar to its predecessor, the Run Star Legacy CX improves the famous Chuck Taylor’s design language without deconstructing its trademark appearance. The upper, with its canvas fabric and All Star patch, is similar in build and coloration to pairs currently on the stores. The solitary unit, however, is a stark, futuristic departure from both the Chuck and the Run Star Hike, and is likely inspired by contemporary trail runners.

See below for a deeper examination of the Run Star Legacy CX. Various colors are presently available for purchase on for $120 USD.

Additionally, official pictures of the Nike SB Nyjah 3 have recently been released.

Converse Run Star Legacy CX
Release Date: Available Now
Mens: $120

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