Adidas Could this be Action Bronson’s long-awaited New Balance collaboration?

Could this be Action Bronson’s long-awaited New Balance collaboration?

action bronson has not been ashamed of his love for new Balance footwear since entering the cultural field in the early 2010s.A decade later, the Queens-native is finally ready to get his association.

After a failed joint effort with Adidas, the 38-year-old seemed to shy away from a footwear partnership, but in the past year Bronsolino has seen a variety of models in television appearances, tours and other activities within 990 series.The rapper’s time at All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has served as an opportunity to show more support to the Boston-based institution, with his most recent appearance in the ring believed to be the long-awaited action Bronson x. new balance 990v6 help.

“Bum Bum Baklava” teased a co-branded sneaker box back in May, along with a front of a pair similar to the shoes she wore during her latest cameo for AEW: mesh base layers coated in a vibrant neon green. , while the surrounding leather panels fade to a muted gray.The couple, worn on-air and teased via Instagram Stories, both sport purple-accented rope lace, but the former have silver and brown panels with tongues and a profile “N” logo. Huh.Fullcell foam cushioning underfoot, however, is worn in varying shades of blue, perhaps as a nod to the artist’s hometown New York Knicks team, though the inspiration behind the uneven arrangement has yet to be unveiled.Still, it sure is a well-deserved NB collaboration for Action Bronson.

Enjoy a look at the sneakers coming next, courtesy of Reddit user You/It’s Barely Sunny in NYCas you wait for the official Release details.

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