Adidas For The Dobale “Forever Sunny In Ikoyi” Collection, Vault By Vans Collaborates...

For The Dobale “Forever Sunny In Ikoyi” Collection, Vault By Vans Collaborates With Artist Ade Okuboyejo.

Collaborations are more about expression than marketing for Vault by Vans. Frequently, the brand will collaborate with unexpected names, amplifying their message through apparel and footwear. Their upcoming collection with Ade Okuboyejo does just that, and the artist is using the opportunity to write a love letter to his youth and the Lagos neighbourhood of Ikoyi.

“Authenticity is the most authentic way for me to express myself. From my personal style to the objects I create, each piece is an extension of who I am,” Ade Okuboyejo explained. “This collection is not only my personal narrative; it is also the culmination of a vision that I am fortunate to share with the world. This truly is the pinnacle of aspiration.”

The capsule, dubbed “Forever Sunny in Ikoyi,” pays tribute to Okuboyejo’s carefree youth, which was frequently spent playing soccer and bonding over local delicacies. These influences manifest themselves through the Bold Ni, Slip-On, and Era, which are all dressed in a palette inspired by the Lagos State Flag, as well as the sun, land, and foods of the artist’s native country. Additionally, an apparel collection is available to complement the footwear, including graphic-adorned Satin Flight Jackets, trackpants, and hoodies.

See the campaign imagery below for a closer look at the Dobale x Vault by Vans collection. On February 12th, the pieces will be available at select Vans retailers.

Additionally, an XLARGE adidas Campus 80 is scheduled to release later this week.

Dobale x Vault by Vans “Forever Sunny In Ikoyi” Collection
Release Date: Feb. 12th, 2022