Nike How Nike’s Air Max Became Its Backbone For 35 Years

How Nike’s Air Max Became Its Backbone For 35 Years


TATSURO NISHIMURA shot the photos.

Air Max Day has swiftly evolved from a fun marketing effort by Nike to a globally appreciated holiday in the sneaker world since its launch in 2014. It has now become an important time of year for the company. The revitalization of Air Max has created opportunity for the company to release new goods, notably in their running classics category, but did you know that Air Max isn’t only for running?

Air Max technically refers to any Nike shoe that not only uses Air cushioning, but also shows it prominently on the midsole. While Nike initially debuted Air in the late 1970s, the first Air Max shoe did not arrive until 1987 with the Air Max 1. Nike has subsequently established Air Max technology as the foundation of its performance goals, with a broad variety of sports and athletic emphases centred on what we lovingly refer to as the “bubble.”

While running is undoubtedly at the heart of Air Max, Nike has also incorporated it into its Cross-Training and Basketball lines. In fact, some of the most well-known Air Max sneakers in history come from these categories. As part of our celebration of Air Max Day, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of these masterpieces, all of which are available for purchase on eBay, where all purchases of $100 or more are covered by the Authenticity Guarantee.


Air Max CB ’94

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Black Cement
Air Jordan 3

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Air Max Penny

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The game’s best relied on Nike Air Max for four quarters of support.

The evolution of Nike Basketball hinges on its innovation, and Air Max was a big leap forward for the brand – a leap that may have separated itself from the pack. But the value of Air Max doesn’t restrict itself with performance. Nike first brought Air Max to its footwear with the Air Revolution and eventually the Air Jordan 3. Later, larger volume Air Max appeared in Charles Barkley’s most popular signature shoe – the Air Max CB ‘94, a shoe that recently returned to stores. The Air Max Penny, the debut model for Penny Hardaway, also boasted a big bubble at the heel, and for that it goes down in history as one of the best sneakers of the 1990s.

Nike Air Max CB 94 OG

Air Griffey Max 1

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Air Trainer III

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Air Trainer SC

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Air Max brought its influence on gym floors and turf surfaces.

Air Max found its uses outside of running and basketball. Cross-Training and other versatile athletic shoes greatly benefited from the advanced cushioning technology, and no better athlete to give even more of an advantage like Bo Jackson. The Air Trainer SC and Air Trainer III both boasted visible Air Max units, while the Air Griffey Max 1 featured the brand’s multi-chamber zonal Air Max that broke onto the scene in the mid-1990s.

Nike Air Griffey Max 1 Freshwater

Air Max 95

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Sport Red
Air Max 1

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Silver Bullet
Air Max 97

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With origins in performance, Air Max Running evolved into the backbone o sneaker culture.

The Air Max running lineage might be the backbone of Nike Sportswear, Air Max 1s, 95s, and 97s stand among the most famous Nike shoes of all-time; each of those models are instantly recognizable for their design, but more so for their influence on lifestyle street fashion. Although these three don’t need an introduction, we want to take the time to pay homage to these undeniable classics – the Air Max 1 “Sport Red”, Air Max 95 “Neon”, and Air Max 97 “Silver Bullet”.

Nike Air Max 95 Neon

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The post How Air Max Became The Backbone Of Nike For 35 Yearsappeared first on Sneaker News.

The post How Air Max Became The Backbone Of Nike For 35 Years appeared first on Sneaker News.