Nike Is this Nike Kyrie 8, or Kyrie 9?

Is this Nike Kyrie 8, or Kyrie 9?

The timeline of the Kyrie Infinity basketball shoe is a piece of life that Nike would probably want to forget.Despite the shoe being heavily touted by ballers, the Infinity model will forever be remembered as the shoe that Kyrie Irving “trashed” on social media. Now infamous social media post,This was followed by a relatively canned follow-up by the Brooklyn Nets guard to put out some of the fire, but the damage was done.

with that said, This recently leaked sneaker Was supposed to be the Nike Kyrie 9.Kyri Infinity never officially bore the Kyri 8 distinction, but considering the infinity symbol was actually a figure-8, it was safely assumed that Infinity was the eighth chapter of Kyri’s signature shoe lineage, and The name change was just a nod to the Brooklyn Nets star’s personal quirks.

This upcoming sneaker was making its rounds on social media recently as Kyrie started giving the shoe good mileage during the off-season.What’s more provocative is that the shoe is now being referred to as a Kyrie 8 and not as a Kyrie 9, according to Kyrie herself. looks at the shoes first Back in July nothing explicitly disclosed any numbers to be linked.

Sources close to Sneaker News confirmed that the Nike Kyre 9 shoe will be released in November.This information includes the White/University Red/Black/Wolf Gray colorway seen here, but at least three more versions are also coming throughout the Holiday 2022 season before the end of the year – and does not include special offerings for kids Is.

Based on the way things unfolded, we can guess that the sneaker Kyrie is wearing is captured in the pictures how athenaOriginally there was the Kyrie 9, but it is now being called the Kyrie 8 and the Kyrie Infinity is being moved to off-signature models such as the Kyrie Low, Kyrie Flytrap, and Kyrie S2 Hybrid.

More details are likely to be revealed on the way to the official brand announcement, so check out these on-foot shots below and stay tuned for updates.

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nike kyri 8
Release date: November 2022
Color: White/University Red/Black/Wolf Gray
Male: N/AGenre Code: DJ6017-100