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Marvel and a Bathing Ape Revisit BAPE STA With Iron Man, Captain America, and More

As Swoosh continues to crack down on individuals and companies copying its designs, bathing monkey BAPE STA Keeps the pairs coming.

Ahead of Fall/Winter 2022, the iconic streetwear label unveiled another collaboration with Disney’s Marvel.A follow-up to the original joint effort from 2005, which featured styles inspired by Silver Surfer and Spider-Man, the lineup includes six pairs honoring some of the more famous personalities from the late Stan Lee’s comic book universe.Iron Man and the Hulk receive another set of BAPE STAs, though their latest commemorative sneakers only include drawings of them on the lateral heels instead of color stripes that refer directly to them.Newcomers like Rocket Raccoon and Black Widow are joined in the next capsule, with Captain America and Thor completing the latest collaboration between Marvel and A Bathing Ape.The pairs may come in action figure-like packaging like the original set, but that hasn’t been determined yet.

No firm launch details have been revealed by the brand but that is likely to change before the end of 2022.In the meantime enjoy the teaser images of all the jodis.

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