Nike Nike Air Mack Attack Returning in 2023

Nike Air Mack Attack Returning in 2023

One of the most loved tennis sneakers in history is rumored to be making a return to stores for the first time next year.

According to ComplexAir Mac Attack – originally released in 1984 – is set to return to the original colorway for the first time in 2023, while modern treatments are also likely to arrive.Additionally, the collaboration with retailer Social Status is expected to be released in May of next year.

The Air Mack Attack is considered a collectible grave-status among vintage Nike hoarders.John Migdal aka Vintage Sneaker Collector @migdalian (which we painted Here) even made a pair for LeBron James, who wore them sometime in 2021.

The closest we got to the Air Mach Attack was Air Manor;This lifestyle-focused model did not feature the Swoosh logo and was considered solely as a lifestyle sneaker option in collaboration with menswear brand Steven Allen, along with other NikeLab offerings.