Nike Nike and RTFKT Make Expansion Into The Metaverse a Priority

Nike and RTFKT Make Expansion Into The Metaverse a Priority

There is an obsession with the “Metaverse” in the NFT space, a network of three-dimensional worlds that facilitates social connection. If you’re a fan of Facebook — or, as they’re currently known, Meta — this may appear to be rudimentary science fiction, as Mark Zuckerberg has all but deified himself à la VRChat.

This is only one manifestation of the Metaverse, however; creators from all over the world have taken it upon themselves to realise their own visions. On the Solana ecosystem, for example, projects like Portals and Chillchat have taken things in radically different directions, resulting in virtual worlds and Club Penguin clones.

All of these, however, have one thing in common: they create an alternate universe that serves both social and material purposes. On the other end of the spectrum, which is inevitably where Nike will take their own project, there has been a trend toward three-dimensional spaces (think apartments, towers, complexes, houses, and the like). While these are also works of digital art in their own right, they have what the NFT space refers to as utility, a function that extends beyond what is visible. For instance, some of these may enable you to showcase the NFTs in your collection via a webpage gallery or directly on the walls of another NFT.

Nike appears to be incorporating this concept into their own digital world, as RTFKT recently airdropped a series of marble “Loot Pods.” These are essentially display cases for the NFTs you own; and given the presence of Swoosh, Jumpman, and Converse insignia on the wall, it’s likely physical product will soon be able to sit on your opulent, code-based shelves. If you have your own sneaker room where you showcase your personal rotation, this should feel familiar (only it exists on a screen rather than real life). It’s likely that we’ll see the first collection soon as well, as the aforementioned check also appears on the box of the upcoming RTFKT MNLTH, a mysterious NFT that will undoubtedly be revealed soon.

You are not alone if you are excited about what Nike has planned for Web3. Expect additional updates as this storey develops.

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