Nike Nike Kobe 6 Prelude is rumored to be re-released

Nike Kobe 6 Prelude is rumored to be re-released

With Kobe Bryant Estate Officially Nike.renewing its partnership withBlack Mamba fans should be excited for what’s to come for the future of the Nike Kobe line.The revived union kicked things off with the release of Kobe 6 “Mambassita” In which the proceeds of the sale went directly to Mamba and Mambasita Sports Foundation.

Going forward, the vast catalog of Nike Kobe Signature shoes is likely to include the Protro treatment, which updates cushioning and materials to better fit today’s standards of hoops footwear and sustainable construction.Rumored to be released sometime this year, Kobe 6 is “Prelude”, one of the famous installments of 2014’s Prelude pack.This particular design references several Los Angeles-based nods to Kobe’s 2011 All-Star Game MVP.

We suspect the entirety of the Kobe Prelude pack will be re-released in the updated protro format, although it remains to be seen whether there will be a deliberately staggered release schedule such as the original Prelude pack week after week to lead to the global launch. How did you fall?Kobe 9 Elite.

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