Nike Nike Revives The Legendary SB Dunk Jacket In Updated Form

Nike Revives The Legendary SB Dunk Jacket In Updated Form

In 2003, Nike SB released one of the most unique collectible pieces of apparel ever – the mythical SB Dunk Leather Moto Jacket. Outside, it was your typical collar-less leather apparel piece on the outside, but inside the lining featured a catalog of SB Dunk footwear, primarily from the first few seasons of drops. This March, Orange Label skateshops will release the Nike SB ISO Jacket, a casual piece that features the same style of lining, but updated with later models – particularly from the silver, pink, and black box era. Furthermore, the black background is swapped with white to further differentiate this new piece from the 2003 Moto or even the 2006 suede Windrunner. Given the overall demand of SB footwear new and old, we expect an influx of interest in this apparel piece, or at least some added attention to the current leather ’03 versions currently on sale on second-hand platforms. Check out the photos ahead.

Photos:, instant_skatesboards

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