Nike Nike set to increase dunk prices next quarter

Nike set to increase dunk prices next quarter

Over the years, the quality of life has gradually deteriorated in almost all cases.Inflation and rents, for starters, are at all-time highs, and costs are rising across the board due to a shortage of all goods.Even Nike is forced to raise the price of its own sneakers, not only for its inventory of Air Jordans but also for the equally beloved, hugely popular Dunk Low and High.

Following the price movement sometime back, the Dunk Low and Dunk High retired to $110 USD and $125 USD respectively.Both silhouettes are seeing another increase of $10 USD as we move into the next quarter, taking their total up to $120 USD and $135 USD.This is not to mention the SE model, which works out to an additional $10 USD premium.

Fortunately, the cost of this season’s dunks will remain the same when the changes take effect once next quarter officially begins.

information through @Brandon1an