Misc Roger Federer, Ronnie Feig, and Roger Join Forces for the RF2 Set...

Roger Federer, Ronnie Feig, and Roger Join Forces for the RF2 Set on Running

Back in 2019, Giants Roger Federer partnered with upon waking, a new name in the world of performance sneakers that has seen a huge growth post the pandemic.As well as investing an undisclosed amount of money in the brand, Federer took a pragmatic approach in designing his own signature shoe, “The Roger,” which marked On’s first set of tennis sneakers.And despite a special release at KITH in 2021, no one could have predicted the line-up would get a touch of the New York-born storefront Ronnie Feig,

“Roger and I each possess a solid work ethic and passion for our respective craft. We both strive to be and remain the best in what we do. The foundation of mutual respect, regardless of our profession, has put a dent in the design process. Created a sense of trust with the other, ”says Feig.

“Ronnie has a great deal of knowledge in the sneaker world and this combined with my experience in tennis made for a great collaboration that we are both proud of,” Roger said.

Sharing the same initials, “RF,” Ronnie Feig and Roger Federer have officially joined forces for The Roger RF2 Set, a two-piece package that includes The Roger Clubhouse Mid and The Roger Pro.The former, a new model packed with performance-enhancing technology, was designed by Federer himself, who has applied a clay-inspired patina to the exterior as a tribute to his early career.In contrast, the Roger Pro – which was Feig’s responsibility – is pristine from the start;However, a clay bag is included, allowing the wearer to customize the shoes to their liking.

For a closer look at the ROGER RF2 set, take a look below.Retailing for $550 USD, the collaboration will be available on August 29th at 11am ET through all KITH stores.

Roger Federer x Ronnie Feig x Roger On Running the RF2 Set
Release date: August 29, 2022
Men: $550 USD