Air Jordan The Extremely Limited Air Jordan 1st Mid “Woman in Flight” represents the...

The Extremely Limited Air Jordan 1st Mid “Woman in Flight” represents the University of Oregon, Women’s Athletics and Title IX

Harnessing the expertise of some of its most talented individuals – such as the famed Tinker Hatfield as well as Elizabeth Brock-Jones and Kendall Bagby, Nike’s senior innovator and senior executive assistant, respectively – Jordan Brand has created Air Jordan 1 Mid “Women in Flight,” is a very limited, WMNS exclusive offering with only two pairs.

Under Hatfield’s guidance, Brock-Jones and Bagby were tasked with creating a shoe that represented three major pillars: the University of Oregon, women’s athletics, and Title IX.Using the Air Jordan 1 Mid as their vehicle, the trio pays homage to the Ducks by reflecting the team’s signature colors.Pops of bright yellow mark the underside, swoosh and tread, while shades of green have a wash on the underparts.And on the top of the tongue, over the round, recycled laces, the Hatfield-designed Title IX logo matches the insignia engraved in the wooden packaging next to the chant “Go Do Anything.”What’s more, the pair themselves come wrapped in a special paper, which depicts the legislation in its entirety.

Again, only two pairs of Air Jordan 1 Mid “Women in Flight” are in existence.Going to pair #1 auction Today, with all proceeds to go to Women in Flight’s “Go Do Anything” campaign, which contributes to the female student-athlete experience through scholarships, team bonding, facilities, coaching, mentoring and the like.

Air Jordan 1 Mid “Women in Flight”
Pair #1 Auction: August 1, 2022