Air Jordan The Nike Dunk Low Appears In A Semi-“Neapolitan” Look

The Nike Dunk Low Appears In A Semi-“Neapolitan” Look

Since its introduction in 1985, the Nike Dunk Low has been released in hundreds of distinct variations. Recently, the famous design of Peter Moore has appeared in a “Neapolitan”-like arrangement.

Although not as loyal to the vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate color scheme as past NIKE, Inc. offerings, the forthcoming shoes have the two deepest hues over the toe and heel. The white contrast on the toe box, midfoot, and ankle is replaced with a greenish navy tint to create a semi-“Neapolitan” pattern. The arrangement suggestive of ice cream continues on the laces, which have a pink finish. Lastly, profile swooshes and traction on the low-top Nike Dunk also include the previously stated blue hue, broadening the silhouette’s range of styles.

Expect a debut in the near future; Instagram account @sneakerknockerzllc has provided an incredibly early peek ahead.

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