Misc The Sneaker News Collector Club Membership Card NFT is SOLD OUT at...

The Sneaker News Collector Club Membership Card NFT is SOLD OUT at the Free Public Mint.

The Sneaker News Collector Club was established with one goal in mind: to connect us closer to our increasing community of readers, followers, and friends. Web3 allows us to bridge the gap even farther — and we’re inviting you to join us on our next adventure beginning now.

Enter the Sneaker News Collector Club Membership Card, an NFT that essentially serves as your admission ticket to everything Sneaker News on Web3. It’s completely free to mint, except gas expenses, and will let you into Club parts of our Discord server, where you’ll have access to unique deals, early drop information, and much more. We also have a number of collaborations and surprises in the works, which will give the card value both in real life and in the emerging Web3 arena. Furthermore, each individual Membership Card will serve as a single mint pass for our next PFP NFT project, SNKR FRENS.

The public mint is now available at sncc.sneakernews.com and will remain accessible as long as supplies last. Gas expenses should ideally be in the $30 to $50 USD range for two cards — therefore if gas fees are excessive, make sure to check back often.

SNCC Membership Card NFT
Public Mint: SOLD OUT

Make sure to follow @sneakerdose for live tweets during the release date.