Air Jordan The Undefeated x Air Jordan 4 Is Supposed To Drop In 2022

The Undefeated x Air Jordan 4 Is Supposed To Drop In 2022

Since 2005, much has changed: Steve Jobs and Apple launched the first iPhone; Kanye West altered the course of hip-hop by changing his name to “Ye” and adidas‘ cachet with Yeezy; and COVID-19 irreversibly altered life. Of course, the list of events from the last 17 years includes a slew of more difficult-to-predict items, with one sneaker-related event arguably exceeding even the most imaginative predictions: the 2005 release of Undefeated’s Air Jordan 4 “Olive.”

You see, Michael Jordan’s successful line’s reimagined fourth signature sneaker was never actually sold at retail. Rather than that, the founders of the Los Angeles boutique, James Bond and Eddie Cruz, auctioned and raffled off 72 pairs of the Air Jordan model, marking the first time the Brand Jordan collaborated with a third-party on a mainline product. Subsequent collaborations with UNDFTD have garnered NIKE, Inc. significant praise over the years, but not to the extent that Bond and Cruz’s “Olive”-colored, MA-1 flight jacket-inspired collaboration has garnered.

In 2018, an unauthorised sample of Undefeated’s Jordan 4 surfaced via credible third-party sources, eliciting excitement among a large number of sneaker enthusiasts for the possibility of a proper launch, but nothing has surfaced in the last four years. Since July 23rd, 2005, rumours of the original retro by the Los Angeles-based team have surfaced repeatedly, but their intensity feels different this time – perhaps because the most visible supporter this time is Twitter user @MrUnloved1s, an Air Jordan 1-enthusiast (obsessive) who’s built a solid track record on extremely early reports of the model’s upcoming releases. Therefore, any speculation is speculative; however, if the pair does make its retail debut, it’s very likely that Bond, Cruz, their team, and their extended Jumpman family will do something noticeably different to honour one of the most celebrated Jordans of all time – perhaps an Exclusive-Access situation à la Off-“The White’s 50”?

No one from either party has commented on the rumour that UNDFTD’s ultra-limited Jordan 4 will finally see a retail release in March – or at any time, for that matter – via Nike SNKRS or elsewhere, but we’ll keep you updated if that changes. Meanwhile, take a look at some product shots of the shoes ahead.

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