Nike With The All-Black Nike Air Force 1 Crater, Goons Can Show They...

With The All-Black Nike Air Force 1 Crater, Goons Can Show They Care About The Environment.

You’d be wise to avoid anyone who regularly wears all-black Air Force 1s, but if you come across a dude wearing these Air Force 1 Craters, he may be a goon with a heart of gold. Nike will release a more understated version of the Air Force 1 Crater in 2022, combining recycled leather uppers with the Crater Foam sole to create a product that is more reminiscent of the OG. The recycled TPU uppers that were seen on a variety of 2021 releases are no longer available, though they did feature a mesh-like material in the mid-panel.

The sole is the standard Crater, which is made of recycled foam that has been blasted with grind rubber scraps found on the factory floor. The insole is a vibrant neon green, a colour scheme that runs throughout Nike’s Move To Zero collection. Additional Air Force 1 Craters in this style will be released in the near future, so stay tuned for updates and check out the official images ahead.

Goons Can Care About The Environment With The All-Black Nike Air Force 1 Crater
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